Bond Street

Bond Street arrived a little late to the Central London Railway opening party so to speak. The station first opened its doors on 24th September 1900, a couple of months after the rest of the initial Shepherds Bush to Liverpool Street section had first begun operating.

The Jubilee Line arrived here in 1979 as the Stanmore branch of the Bakerloo line was extended down from Baker Street to Charing Cross. It’s another station which doesn’t really have too much going for it architecturally. It is now pretty much subsumed into quite a 90s shopping centre – the ‘West One’.  Like Tottenham Court Road, Bond Street is also going to be the location of a Crossrail station and work is gathering pace here.

The Pub: The Lamb and Flag, 24 James Street, W1U 1EL

Again, you’re right in the middle of Oxford Street when you get off at Bond Street station, so its shops all round with Selfridges very close by. The Lamb and Flag is just down James Street which is just north of the station.

Given its location, this is another heavily tourist pub. It is run by Taylor Walker, who have a lot of premises within Central London. The downstairs bar was absolutely rammed on our visit, a number of people were watching the Rugby which was still going on at that time. The upstairs bar, or dining room as I think it is designated,  had a fair bit of room so we went up there.

On the ale front,  it is well served by both Adnams Broadside and Old Speckled Hen. Less welcome was the rather loud music they were blaring out – I’m not sure whether 22 by Taylor Swift goes that well with a pint, it’s more of a tune for Vodka Revolution surely?

Sadly, to me, the Lamb and Flag feels like one of those generic tourist trap pubs that pop up around Zone 1 with inevitable regularity. The interior lacks the unique touches that made places like The Argyll Arms or The Viaduct Tavern so welcoming. There may be pictures of ‘Old London’ on the wall but it doesn’t really add to the character of the place. The upstairs room we were drinking in could easily pass as someones front room!

I may be being a little harsh, The Lamb and Flag isn’t a terrible pub and the beer was fine. But if you’re after a bit of history and atmosphere with your pint, I would go elsewhere!

Visit their website


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