Chancery Lane

Chancery Lane Station doesn’t have an ‘above ground’ presence  – the ticket hall is located underneath the road and you will only spot the station from the roundels above the subway entrances.  When the station first opened on 30th July 1900,  its ticket office and entrance was based in 31-33 High Holborn.  The building still exists, as can be seen here,  but was taken out of the use when the station was rebuilt in the early 1930s to introduce escalators in place of the lifts.

As a result, the current station is pretty non-descript as all it amounts to is a underground ticket hall – not much to see here! This is very much legal territory, with countless solicitors offices based in the vicinity as well as the main HQ for The Law Society itself.

The Pub: Cittie of Yorke, 22 High Holborn, WC1V 6BN

It’s very easy to find the Cittie of York from the tube station, it’s just a couple of minutes walk West along High Holborn The exterior has a somewhat medieval theme to it. This is in someways appropriate as it was built on the site of a public house dating back to 1430. I rather like the grand old clock that is just above the pub sign. It’s also a Grade II listed building.

The Cittie of York is part of the Sam Smiths, a Yorkshire Brewery, chain of pubs in London. They are perhaps best known for running central London pubs and charging way below London average for their beer. I remember as recently as 2010, it was still around £2 for their ale – even now I think it is still below £3! The only beers on tap are their ales, lagers and stouts but they are perfectly fine. They also do a solid range of typical pub food such as steak and ale pie and fish and chips.

The pub is divided into a number of areas including a front room and a downstairs area.  The most impressive part however is the large back room which has a church-like atmosphere to it, with its timber-beamed roof. There are also wooden boothed areas as well as a number of beer barrels above the bar.  The white Yorkshire Rose is featured in the decorations throughout the pub.

While it is a spacious pub, it fills up pretty quickly on a Friday night as people swarm in from the nearby offices. It is also one of the last pubs you will find open on a Saturday night before you head eastwards into the city. Bear in mind, it is shut on Sundays though. It’s a pub with real character, and you can’t argue with the prices. Definitely one that’s worth a visit!

(the pub has no website)


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