Queensway Station first opened as Queen’s Road in 1900, gaining its present name 1946.   It has a rather intriguing interior, with more classical civilisation inspired pillars mixed in amongst much more modern looking air vents and and the like.

The station building itself is a Harry Bell Measures(what a great name!) original. Mr Measures did all of the original Central London Railway stations, designing with a flat roof to enable commercial development above. This duly came and is now a Hilton Hotel, a clear indicator of the touristy nature of the area around Queensway, and plenty of other hotels are dotted around nearby.

It is also very close to Bayswater Station, which you can practically see if you look north up Queensway when leaving the station.

The Pub: The Leinster Arms,  17 Leinster Terrace. W2 3EU

The Leinster Arms is a short walk from Queensway Station,  heading East along Bayswater Road until you reach Leinster Gardens, which feels like a quiet side-street compared to the heavy traffic on the main road.  Its exterior is enhanced by a Victorian style lamp above the main entrance, which compliments the area well.

The interior is also suitably traditional, with chandeliers and theatre-esque curtains as well as plenty of photos and illustrations of bygone London on the walls.  There was a fine ale selection on our visit, with Tribute and London Pride available, as well as an offering from the Hackney based London Fields Brewery.  Also available was ‘Our Ken’, a beer brewed in Somerset so I doubt it is any reference to former Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone.  I think he may have been more of a wine man anyway…

While we didn’t eat here on our visit, the pub has an diverse menu,  varying from traditional pub staples such as Beef and Guinness to their Curry of the week. I was particularly taken with the prospect of the Sausage and Mash here,  as it is supplied by H.G Walter Butchers, who were voted ‘Best Butcher in Britain’ in 2012.

On the Saturday afternoon we visited, the pub was fairly peaceful but there were still a fair few people popping in during the time we were there.  I usually shy away from drinking in the more built up touristy areas as you get ‘London by numbers’ pubs that proclaim to be authentic but serve bad beer,  over priced beer and are about as genuine as Dick Van Dyke’s cockney accent in Mary Poppins.  The Leinster Arms is thankfully nothing like that at all.  It’s a great pub tucked away from the main tourist thoroughfare and well worth seeking out!

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