Holland Park

Holland Park Station first opened on 30th July 1900 on the Central London Railway.  It’s not the largest station on the network by any means,  so there aren’t too many distinguishing features to report on. Down at platform level, the tiling and signage clearly predates the modern house style now seen across much of the network  The ticket hall is also rather small and retains a rather old fashioned character with its Romanesque supporting pillars and traditional style lamps on the wall.

Holland Park is one of those areas of London that look lovely but you can’t imagine how anyone affords to live in those large Victorian houses. It is also home to the park that gives the area its name.  I’ve never visited but it looks in keeping with the area and even has peacocks. The bird, not the recently threatened high-street clothing store…

The Pub: The Castle, 100 Holland Park Avenue,  W11 4UA

Exiting the tube station, The Castle is just a couple of minutes walk down the road.  I’d been there a couple of times before and it seemed like a perfect pick for Holland Park.

It has a traditional tiled exterior, which you see less and less with pubs these days.  There are also plenty of hanging baskets which seemed in good health on our visit, despite the grim winter we have had so far. The interior, which feels light and spacious thanks to the pub’s large windows, is divided into two rooms.  It feels like it captures a good mix between the openness and comfy chairs and sofas of a gastropub which are complimented by the more historic features such as the nice old wooden bar.

On the ale front, there was a very strong selection of four fine ales: Doombar, Knight of the Garter, Adnams Explorer and Frosty Jack.   When we dropped in, the pub was running an offer: 2 main meals and 2 drinks for £20.  It felt rather rude to say no and I went for the Fish and Chips, which was very tasty and a nice hearty size too.  My friend’s Burger also looked rather impressive too.

On the Saturday afternoon we visited, The Castle had a welcoming, laid back vibe.   I’ve always had a soft spot for this pub.  If the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street has got too much for you,   The Castle can be your well earned tranquil retreat just a few stops down the Central Line!

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