Clapham North

Clapham North tube station first opened on 3rd June 1900 as Clapham Road as the City and South London Railway was extended from Stockwell down to Clapham Common. It was renamed Clapham Common in 1926 when the extension of the line to Modern was completed.

The station building itself was also replaced during this process – sadly though these days it looks fairly non-descript and weathered, as this shot shows. Below ground, it’s more interesting as Clapham North retains an island platform, meaning customers for both northbound and southbound services have to tussle for space in the same place.  It’s not particularly wide either, so gets congested very easily. I would imagine it isn’t a pleasant experience at rush hour!

On our visit to the station, the staff had clearly tried to brighten the ticket hall up with some plants, which go very nicely with the classical music played over the speaker system to deter anti social behaviour!

The Pub: The Landor,  70 Landor Road, SW9 9PH

Again, like London Bridge before it, there are no shortage of places to drink around Clapham North. It marks the northern boundary of Clapham High Street.  I’ve always thought the High Street isn’t all its cracked up to be for drinking, there are some nice pubs but there are plenty of grim bars too. For this trip, I was recommended The Landor, which is a couple of minutes walk from the station, on the residential road with the same name.

The exterior of the pub is a mix of old and new,  with the modern painted frontage complimented by the traditional signs for Trumans Brewery.  The interior also keeps to this pattern, with the open plan aesthetics of a contemporary gastropub mixed alongside the traditional and ornate bar. There is also a good selection of ales, with Old Speckled Hen as well as ‘Golden Sheep’, the blonde relative of the more widely known Black Sheep.

The pub also has a pool table, which seems like an endangered species in most gastropubs that seem to prefer extra seats to get the diners in. Another nice touch is the lighting right near the Pool Table, a welcome relief during the dark winter months.

On top of all that,  there is also a theatre connected to the pub upstairs, if you fancy a bit of culture to go alongside your Golden Sheep.   Given we seem to be in monsoon season at present, visiting the garden didn’t seem appropriate but I don’t doubt it would be another feather in the cap for The Landor during the spring and summer.

The Landor is a top pub.  If you’ve got plans to drink in Clapham,  definitely drop in here!

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