Wimbledon!  Surely one of the most well known ‘areas’ of London, thanks no doubt to the tennis tournament and to a lesser extent, the Wombles.  Well as readers of previous entries will know, if you are travelling to the competition, you are best off getting off at Southfields.  As for the Wombles, I think their litter picking may have been outsourced to Serco or Capita a few years back..

While services on what became the District Line started from Wimbledon in 1889, the mainline railway station itself dates back to 1838. Nowdays it is a significant transport hub with the District Line,  South West Trains and the Croydon Tramlink all serving the Station.

The Pub: The Alexandra, 33 Wimbledon Hill Road,  SW19 7NE

Wimbledon feels like a large-ish town centre in itself, with plenty of shops in the immediate vicinity of the station, as well as the aptly named ‘Centre Court Shopping Centre.’  En route to the pub we also came across the latest in my strange statues/artwork collection – something that appeared to be a Deer opposite the Waitrose.

A short walk up Wimbledon Hill Road will bring you to The Alexandra.  I’ve been told it is one of the flagship pubs in the Youngs Portfolio. When we visited on a Saturday evening, it wasn’t hard to see why. The place was heaving but we managed to grab a seat in the downstairs sports bar.   I really liked the traditional wooden interior and visible beams. Also just visible in the photo from the gallery is a old mirror for Hoopers Mineral Water – another nice touch.

I also think it makes a refreshing change that somewhere branded as a sports bar/area actually has character. Plenty of places in London think its enough to throw a few football/rugby shirts on the wall and cover the wall with TVs.

As well as the sports bar, there is also the slightly more modern looking Green Bar, as well as The Lounge Bar which I think was closed/hired out when we were there. The Roof Terrace was open but it was was rammed to capacity. Given it was getting on in the evening by the time we visited,  we didn’t get a chance to try the food but the menu looks like good solid pub fare.

The Alex, as many people call it,  seems a really lively, vibrant pub.  I would definitely recommend  it to anyone passing through Wimbledon. I would assume most people who live locally probably know it only too well!

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