Wimbledon Park

Wimbledon Park is the third in this stretch of stations on the District Line which all opened on 3rd June 1889.

It is a relatively small station.  At platform level there is some intricate supports for the canopies that span the platforms.  There is also some decorative ironwork on the stairwell up to the station exit.

Some people have said the District Line is green because it passes by so many green spaces and parks.  Indeed it stops at six stations with Park in the title. (I’ve already done St James Park, Ravenscourt Park and Chiswick Park.)  I’m dubious to how leafy Upton Park is mind you..

The Pub: The Woodman, 222 Durnsford Road, SW19 8DR

Wimbledon Park felt equally, if not more suburban, than Southfields.   The Woodman Pub is just up from the tube station,  on Durnsford Road.     Before we entered the pub, we noticed what must be ‘The Woodman’ himself on the pub’s frontage.  Although in the dark I thought it looked a little like he was carrying a scythe..

The pub is part of the ‘Flame Grill’ chain, which doesn’t feel too dissimilar to a Harvester.  The interior itself is fairly spacious and there is also a small garden, but by the time we arrived it was far too cold and late for sitting outside.

As this was the third pub on this leg of the journey, we also stopped to have some food here.  According to the pub’s menu, the food comes with a ‘flaming guarantee’ –  if you aren’t satisfied, they will replace it apparently.  Fortunately we were so we didn’t have to put that guarantee to the test – the criss-cross fries with my burger went down particularly well.

The Woodman also has a quiz machine.  When I started the blog back in March I was rather worried they were vanishing from London’s pubs, but they seem to be fairing marginally better in the more suburban locations.

Being part of a chain group, it is perhaps inevitable The Woodman feels a little generic.  But the food was decent and it had ales on tap like London Pride, as opposed to something like John Smith.  I’d come back here again for a pint.

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