The trip to Rickmansworth was the first stop on my journey to be out of Greater London altogether.  It falls within the charmingly named ‘Three Rivers’ Local Authority.  It opened on the same day as Northwood Station, 1st September 1887.

As well as being served by the Metropolitan Line, trains from the National Rail Chiltern Line also stop here on their journey from Marylebone to Aylesbury, offering a speedier journey than the Met line into Baker Street which takes just under 40 minutes.

The station itself is fairly leafy with a number of hanging baskets and plants on the platform.  The roof of one of the platforms reminded me of a lower league football stand for some reason.

The Pub:  The Coach and Horses, 22 High Street, Rickmansworth, WD3 1ER

Rickmansworth is a small town in its own right and we passed along some pleasant streets en route to the pub. Being outside Greater London,   the buses aren’t red anymore.  I spotted one that was named after Luther Blissett –  a former football star at nearby Watford FC and latterly the alias of a group of Italian anarchists.

Following on from the other pubs nearby, The Coach and Horses looks every bit the charming country pub from its flowering exterior. The interior follows much the same pattern, with plenty of wooden beams that make it feel like an old cottage.   On the ale front we went for the ever reliable Landlord.   Again, like a number of the more gastro-pubs I’ve visited so far, there is a separate room given over to diners.  We didn’t have time to eat but once again the roasts looked rather impressive.

Where I think the Coach and Horses really comes into its own is with its garden.  On the warm Autumnal Sunday afternoon we visited,  it was a great spot to enjoy a pint.  I really liked the fact old (presumably beer?) barrels had been refashioned as plant pots.  As well as that, we noticed a rather impressive apple tree with a squirrel running up it, to further add to the country vibe.

The Coach and Horses is a Zone 7 gem. Being the final stop on a rather epic journey that had started in Hounslow Central, it needed to be good and it certainly didn’t disappoint!   I’m sure there are some fine country walks that can be done nearby, this would be the perfect place to stop in afterwards!

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