Since I started the blog, many people questioned why I was visiting the stations in the order they opened, rather than on a line by line basis.  They warned me I’d end up having to trek from one end of London to another just for one station. I didn’t think this would be an issue, as generally a set of stations opened on the same line on the same day.

Northwood is probably the first station where I’ve been cursing my own logic.   Given that the last station I visited was Hounslow Central, the journey to Northwood took us the best part of an hour and four tube changes. Oh well!

The station itself first opened on 1st September 1887,  on the Metropolitan Railway’s extension of its line to Pinner.  It was rebuilt in the 1960s so architecturally, there isn’t very much to write home about.

The Pub: The Gate, Rickmansworth Road, HA6 2RH

Much like Pinner before it,  you immediately get the suburban vibe when you get off at the station. At the time of writing(October 2013), there is even a Blockbusters adjacent to the station. I wonder if it will still be trading when I finish my journey at Wood Lane…

There was a Wetherspoons/chain pub just down from the station but given I am trying to avoid them unless absolutely necessary(i.e: Finchley Road), we kept pressing on. Our final destination,  The Gate, is a fair walk from the station. The roads themselves are fairly leafy so providing the weather’s ok, it’s a nice enough walk!

Given its location on the outskirts of the suburbs, it is unsurprisingly well served by a decent car park by its mini outside garden area.    The Gate has a spacious interior, with an area dedicated solely to diners. The prominence of wooden beams helps to give it a traditional atmosphere.

On the ale front,  The Gate puts in a particularly strong showing with Doombar, London Pride and Youngs all available, as well as Adnams Lighthouse.  On their back wall there is even a chalk board showing how many pints of each ale they have sold. At £3.25 a pint, it also comes in at significantly cheaper than most of the pubs I’ve visited to date. There is also a quiz machine,  always a plus in my book!

On our Sunday afternoon visit, the pub had a fair amount of people in enjoying their Sunday roasts.  From the menu we spotted, the food offering is perhaps unsurprisingly more towards the gastro end of the market.  During the week there are decent deals like Two Burgers for £10, or Pizza Night, which I assume is the same but with Pizza!

If I were to live out in Zone 6, I think I’d need a decent local.  The Gate certainly ticks those boxes!  I’m sure I’d be a regular at Burger Night…

Visit their website


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