Aldgate East

Aldgate East Station first opened on 6th October 1884 on the Metropolitan District Railway.  During expansionary works to the tube during the 1930s, the station was shifted very slightly to the East. This led it to be close enough to the next station East, St. Mary’s(Whitechapel Road) to necessitate the closure of the latter in April 1938.

For the eagle-eyed, there are a few nice touches at platform level. There are a number of small tiles depicting London landmarks, such as the Houses of Parliament, as well as Underground locations like 55 Broadway.

The station has a particularly pleasing exit underneath The Passmore Edwards Library building, located right beside The Whitechapel Art Gallery.

The Pub :  The White Hart,  89 Whitechapel High Street,  E1 7RA

The White Hart is just a couple of doors down from the tube station.

It has a fairly narrow interior which stretches back a fair way, so there is a decent amount of space for seating.   The interior, like the exterior, has a traditional wood paneled feel.  There are a number of interesting trinkets on the wall, including a number of items which look like garden machinery. As well as that, there is also a quiz machine!

The pub itself had a welcoming atmosphere when we dropped by on a Saturday afternoon.  As you’d expect, there is a decent ale selection with Doombar, Adnams and other ale staples.  What you wouldn’t necessarily expect is that alongside it’s ‘English food menu’,  The White Hart also boasts a comprehensive Thai menu too.

Being the adventurous soul that I am(ahem..), I went for Chicken Kiev and Chips but my friend tried something from the Thai menu.  Both were hearty portions, tasty and very well priced at £6. The pub also has a Sky Sports subscription with a projector on the back wall as well as a couple of TVs.

Like The Blind Beggar slightly further east on the trail,  The White Hart boasts a link to a grizzly chapter in London’s history.  According to a display above the bar, one of the men suspected of being ‘Jack the Ripper’,  George Chapman, lived in the cellar of the pub, working there as a barber.

Overall,  The White Hart is another good solid pub just to the east of the City of London.  It’s well worth a visit!


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