Boston Manor

Boston Manor Station first opened as Boston Road on 1st May 1883 on the Metropolitan District Line. It gained its current name on 11th December 1941. Like other stations around this part of London, it was fully rebuilt as part of the Piccadilly Line’s extension to Hounslow West.

Following that rebuilding process, the station was served by both the District and the Piccadilly Line. Like South Ealing and indeed the rest of the Hounslow Branch, the District Line service was withdrawn permanently in October 1964.

The station building itself is another impressive entry from the exemplary portfolio of Charles Holden.  My favourite touch is the tower that looms out over the surrounding area.  It is said this was put in to help give the station profile and visibility throughout the surrounding suburban area.

The art-deco station building was recognised by Royal Mail on their series of stamps to mark the Tube’s 150th birthday –  the stamp depicts the imposing tower.

The Pub: The Brogue, 7 Boston Manor Road, W7 2DG

There was no question we were deep in suburbia by the time we reached Boston Manor.  Exiting the station,  we were greeted by a small parade of shops.   Nestling amongst them was The Brogue,  the only pub in the immediate vicinity of the station and therefore our only real choice for this stop.

As the name suggests, The Brogue is an Irish themed pub.  On our Thursday evening visit, it was fairly quiet bar a collection of locals.  It wasn’t unwelcoming in the sense that all the eyes followed us as we entered, but it clearly felt like somewhere only a small collection of people would visit.

The bar staff were friendly and the beer was fine, although there were no ales on tap.  In keeping with the Irish theme, there was plenty of Guinness memorabilia and Toucans on the wall.  The TV was showing some ‘hurling’, which I know is very popular in Ireland.

Sadly the overall vibe of the place wasn’t great. It just had an air of desolation really.  In that respect really it is the weakest of the pubs I’ve visited so far.  While I found The White Horse at Shepherd’s Bush Market to be closer to the ‘eyes following you the moment you walked in’ type of pub, at least the people there seemed to be having fun, playing pool etc.

To me, The Brogue just had an air of resigned despondency about it. That’s what has sadly made it for me the worst pub so far on the journey.


6 thoughts on “Boston Manor

    1. Thanks for that Sarah, I will bear them in mind if I’m around that area. I still have to do Northfields which is not too far from there?

      1. For Northfields your best bet is the Plough. Its only a couple of minutes from the station and not a bad Fullers pub at all. The Fotresters just off Northfields Avenue is also worth a look but furtherfrom the station

      2. Thanks for that Sarah! Have realised Northfields is about 70 stations away on my list, so it may be awhile before I drop in!

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