South Ealing

After a brief central sojourn at Tower Hill, the crawl has returned me in a Westerly direction, taking in the delights of the Piccadilly Line branch to Heathrow Airport.  South Ealing Station first opened on the Metropolitan District Railway on 1st March 1883 as part of their line to the now closed Hounslow Town Station.

When the Piccadilly Line itself was extended to Northfields and Hounslow in 1933,  its services initially ran non-stop through the station. They began stopping at South Ealing in 1935 and the station was served by both it and the District Line until 1964 when the latter services were withdrawn.

Building wise, the station is quite minimalist with some pleasant art-deco style shelters at platform level.   I rather like the totem-pole type structure on the top of the station building at street level too.

The Pub: The Ealing Park Tavern, 222 South Ealing Road, W5 4RL

The area immediately around the station is fairly suburban, plenty of takeaways and convenience stores.  The pub in question was a fair walk down South Ealing Road, to the junction with Carlyle Road to reach The Ealing Park Tavern.  The pub has a suitably impressive exterior,  reminiscent of a charming country house.

The interior also matches that traditional feel with plenty of wood panelling and no shortage of comfy seats and sofas. There are also traditional fireplaces which I’m sure go down a treat during the winter months.  The pub is definitely going for the high-end gastro market with its restaurant area.   I don’t know about the other items on the menu, but the Fish and Chips were certainly worth the money! The Ealing Park Tavern is also equipped with a fair sized back garden.

Adding to the pub’s welcoming vibe, a low key Jazz band were playing during our visit to the pub. Lounge jazz for lounge seating, you could argue.  It also scores well on the entertainment stakes.   Not only is there a quiz machine, it is also blessed with a pinball table, the latter of which are a real rarity in pubs these days.   There was also a fine selection of traditional board games for those who prefer Trivial Pursuit.

Unlike some pubs that go gastro and modernise at the expense of their traditional ambience, The Ealing Park Tavern has definitely got the balance right. If you find yourself in the Ealing area, it’s definitely worth a visit.

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