My journey has now reached Harrow-On-The-Hill,  the first Zone 5 Station I have encountered so far and my furthest pilgrimage North to date.

It first opened on the Metropolitan Railway on 2nd August 1880, gaining its present name on 1st August 1894.   The station building itself has a ’60s air, located in what feels like a mini-shopping arcade.   The station also boasts its own hairdressers for those who want a quick trim before jumping on the Metropolitan Line.

Just opposite the station is a shopping mall.   Its information sign still lists a number of high street stores that have all fallen by the wayside –  C&A, Woolworths and Virgin.

The Pub:  The Trinity,  378-380 Station Road, Harrow,  HA1 2DE

Being this far out,  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I knew there was a Wetherspoons but am trying to avoid them if possible. Fortunately by luck we stumbled on a pub called The Trinity. From the outside with its black walls, it looked fairly rock.

The inisde to me almost felt more like an American bar than an English pub.   There is some interesting art work on the ceiling which I tried to capture for the gallery. The upstairs had a gig starting at 8pm while we were there and a number of other events take place up there.

The first big plus point for this place came when I got the first round in. When the barman said it was £4 for the drinks, I assumed he only thought I was having the one but it was the price for both!  Subsequently we found out it was £2 Thursday,  with beer and other drinks £2 all night. From their promotional flyers, it seems like this offer runs most weekdays too! On  Fridays, there is even a free buffet before 9!

It also had a good mix of the classics playing downstairs, with selections from the The Jam, Bruce Springsteen and a particular favourite of mine,  ‘Night Boat to Cairo’ by Madness.  Further adding to The Trinity’s charm,  when I went up to get us a packet of nuts, the barman said they were free and filled us out a cup.   A very clever way round the old problem of leaving nuts on the bar/table and all the scare stories of hygiene that used to exist!

Given Neasden was our next stop and our initial search on googlemaps was drawing a blank, we decided to extend our stay at The Trinity and take advantage of the cheapest drinks on the crawl so far.  We even befriended a group of American students. I was quite perplexed how they’d ended up this far out of Central London but it turned out they studied round there and we’d stumbled on their regular haunt.

Unsurprisingly, I’m not sure when I’ll be back in this particular part of Zone 5 again.  But if you’re in the Harrow on the Hill area, drop in The Trinity for good value drinks and classic tunes!

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