Parsons Green

Parsons Green Station opened on 1st March 1880 as part of the Metropolitan District Line’s extension to Putney Bridge, which also opened on the same day. It currently forms part of the District Line branch to Wimbledon.

Again, it’s another ‘Green’ or ‘Park’ on the leafy District Line. The station building itself is also pleasant, in an understated kind of way. This is a very posh suburb of London, so you’re met with plenty of upmarket bakeries, restaurants and the like right by the station.

When I visited, there was also a florists by the station exit to further add to the leafy suburban vibe.

The Pub: The White Horse, 1-3 Parsons Green, SW6 4UL

The White Horse is just a short walk from the station, passing down Parsons Green Lane to reach the pub, which is opposite the green itself.  I’ve been here once before, back in October 2011, when I was told it has the nickname the ‘Sloaney Pony’ given its regular clientele.

On our visit this time, there was certainly some evidence of this – we took a seat in the well sized front garden area and just beside us were some gents with some rather large ,and I assume, expensive cigars.

The pub has an impressive and eclectic range of beers on offer, I especially liked the Art Brew Monkey IPA.  It is perhaps not surprising therefore the pub has just hosted, for the sixth time, an annual American Beer Festival.  It feels like American Beer is certainly on the up at the moment – I’m a big fan of Sam Adams myself-  so am sure it was definitely worth checking out. Hopefully it will be returning next year!

It is certainly a venue that values its beers.  When we dropped in there was a large Pilsner tank in the main room, as you’ll see from the gallery.  The interior is a nice mix between traditional and upmarket gastro.  I especially liked the reference to one of my favourite breweries, Harveys, via one of the pictures on the wall.  Belgian Beers are also marked too, look for Chimay in the gallery.

The White Horse is a good solid bet if you’re in this area.  Whether it’s a Horse or a Pony to you,  the range of beers on offer are well worth checking out.

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