Willesden Green

Willesden Green Station first opened as Willesden Green and Cricklewood on 24 November 1879 on the Metropolitan Railway.  It became part of the Bakerloo Line(Stanmore branch) in 1939 and the Metropolitan Line services were withdrawn in 1940.  Since 1979, it has been part of the Jubilee Line.

The station building itself is very striking,  dating from the 1925 reconstruction by Charles Walter Clark, the Metropolitan Railway’s architect.    Apparently the tiles in the tickethall are rare survivors of his work and helped lead to the station being Grade II listed in December 2006.

The Pub: The Queensbury, 110 Walm Lane, NW2 4RS

>Our visit to Willesden Green was bleak and rainy – unlike the glorious weather we’ve just had this weekend. Fortunately the Queensbury Pub(recommended via Twitter) was just across the road from the station. The pub is on the ground floor of what looks like a large suburban house.   Like a suburban house, it also has its own front garden, complete with yukka plant.

The pub has a dark, sleek interior.  In fact it may have been because of the bad weather but it took me a few moments to adjust to the lighting levels in the main-room.     The pub certainly seems ‘kid friendly’ as there was a young child at a table in the main room. I know there are arguments on either side of that debate – it can get irritating if there are lots of screaming kids in a pub but equally it doesn’t seem fair to banish parents from pubs for years!  The kid in question was quiet so no problems there..

The Queensbury also has a spacious backroom for those eating but as the room wasn’t full, they kindly let us have a table without ordering anything there. It looked hearty gastrofare but neither of us were that hungry.

Before leaving, I noticed a petition at the bar. It seems The Queensbury pub is at threat of demolition to be replaced by new flats.   Given the premium on property prices in London,   this seems to be happening more and more, approval for the demolition of an old haunt of mine at Centre Point was confirmed last week.

I really hope The Queensbury doesn’t go the same way. The original plans for demolition have now been withdrawn but the campaign team’s website suggests the pub is still under threat.      Pubs can be real community hubs and it seems like the Queensbury really is – offering events for parents, children and families on top of being a good boozer.  I really hope it is still going strong when this crawl comes to an end!

Visit their website Follow them on Twitter

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