Acton Town

Acton Town Station first opened as Mill Hill Park on 1st July 1879,  before gaining its present name in 1910.  Like Ealing Common Station before it, it was rebuilt at the start of the 1930s ahead of the transfer of the District Line branch to Uxbridge over to the Piccadilly Line.

Once again,  Charles Holden was behind the station redesign.  While I like the ticket hall building, I think the structures at platform level look pretty weathered and could do with a lick of paint!

It is currently served by the serene District Line(stopping at intermediate stations) and the slightly swifter Piccadilly Line.

Looking at the tube map ahead of this visit, I was struck by just how many tube stations Acton has.  In addition to Acton Town, there is East Acton, North Acton and West Acton.  By the end of this journey, I will be an Acton aficionado.

The Pub: The King’s Head, 214 High Street(Acton),  W3 9NX

The journey to Acton Town took us deep into suburbia with no pubs in the immediate vicinity of the station, a good introduction to the pub crawl to the two American visitors accompanying me!    My initial searching and call for suggestions had drawn a blank on Twitter so I took the the decision to head down Gunnersbury Lane towards Mill Hill Road. Initially this street seemed very residential too so I was thinking we were going down a blind alley but just as the road curves onto Crown Street,   a few pubs spring into view.

We went for the Kings Head, on the High Street, as we were impressed by the striking exterior.   It has a large and spacious interior complete with dart board and pool table, as well as equipment for disco/karaoke.  It was pretty quiet when we dropped in, although to be fair it was a Wednesday evening. It definitely felt like you were out of central London, I had a quick joke with the barman about the perils of falling asleep on a nightbus to these parts and ending up at the Hayes Bypass-  both he and a friend of mine have managed to do that…

The pub is in decent nick and seemed welcoming enough to us. Unsurprisingly it felt like quite a local’s pub, but not in a bad way, the beer was fine and it didn’t have the unpleasant air of The White Horse in Shepherd’s Bush Market.  I doubt I’ll be back in this part of Acton anytime soon mind you.

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