Ealing Common

Ealing Common Station first opened on 1st July 1879 on the Metropolitan District Railway.  In 1886, it was renamed Ealing Common and West Acton before returning to its original name back in 1910.  In 1932, the Piccadilly Line also arrived at the station as the District Line branch to Uxbridge was transferred over to that line.

I really like the station building with its hexagonal structure and windows in the shape of the Underground Logo.  It’s a classic Charles Holden design that dates from 1932, around the same time many other design masterpieces were being put up on various tube line extensions during that period.

The station signage also has a suitably retro feel, as I tried to capture in the gallery.  This is my second trip to an Ealing Station but I’m not done yet, I’ve still got North Ealing and South Ealing to come later in the journey. I’ll be getting used to this part of town…

The Pub: The Grange, Warwick Road,  W5 3XH

The Grange is located in a very pleasant, leafy suburban corner of Ealing.   To get to the pub from the station,  head onto Leopold Road, carry on along this till you cross Gunnersbury Avenue to reach Warwick Road.   You then head down Warwick Road, passing the small Warwick Dene Park to reach The Grange.

From the outside, The Grange is another striking pub, again looking like a posh suburban house or charming old Railway station.  The interior is equally impressive with a main bar area complete with comfy looking sofas.   There is also a conservatory area, as captured in the gallery.

The Grange also has an extensive and impressive garden with a wide array of trees and plants populating it. These in turn are illuminated, giving the area some extra atmosphere.  There is also a ‘Summer House’  attached to the garden which was open when we visited but is also available for private hire.

As a Youngs pub, you know where you are on the ale front.  For a warm, albeit not particularly sunny, evening the garden was pretty busy.  With its impressive garden and laid back homely interior, The Grange really is one of those charming suburban pubs that makes living a long tube journey away from Central London bearable.  I certainly want to come back here!

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