Ravenscourt Park

Ravenscourt Park is the final of my five leafy District Line stations that all opened on the Metropolitan District Railway on 1st June 1877.  Like the others, it was first served by London and South Western Railway.  It began life as Shaftesbury Road and gained its current name in 1888.

It is now served by the District Line. Piccadilly Line trains speed past non-stop on their way to Ealing and beyond.  The station itself is above street level, giving you a good vantage point and view from the rooftops of the surrounding area.  The entrance into the station has impressive ornamentation similar to those previously seen at Ladbroke Grove and elsewhere.

Unsurprisingly given the name, it’s another leafy stop on this section of the line.  The Green Flag award winning park that gives the station its name is just across the road from the entrance.

The Pub:  The Salutation, 154 King Street,  W6 0QU

As it was a very sunny day when we dropped by we made the short walk down Ravenscourt Road to King Street. A few minutes along this road and you reach The Salutation, located very nearby the ’60s and rather bleak Hammersmith Town Hall.

The Salutation itself dates back to 1750, where it started life as a coaching inn. Back then, this was the main route west from London.  It certainly has a charming exterior which I tried to capture in the gallery. The interior is equally impressive as while recently refurbished, it still retains a traditional feel with chandeliers, black leather backed seats and a nice old fireplace.

One of the pub’s main selling points on sunny days(assuming we haven’t seen the last of them this year) is its impressive garden.  We found ourselves seats here.   As a Fullers pub, you get their usual range of ales.    It also does great food too, I went for their foot long hot dog and my other friends tried varieties of burgers which also looked very filling.

The Salutations also apparently comes with Royal Approval. The late Queen Mother apparently dropped in here at the end of the ’80s and poured a pint.

On a sunny Tuesday evening the pub was fairly busy, especially the garden.  I really liked this pub and would thoroughly recommend it, whether you’re getting off at Ravenscourt Park or in Hammersmith – it’s certainly worth the walk!

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