Turnham Green

Turnham Green Station opened on the Metropolitan District Line on 1st June 1877. As well as being served by the MDR’s modern successor, the District Line,  Piccadilly Line trains have also called here during early mornings and late evenings since 1963.

Turnham Green is synonymous with a pivotal battle of the English Civil War – on 13th November 1642 the forces of King Charles I were blocked by the Parliamentarian Army, thus stopping the King reaching London.  For more information, click here.

A previous resident of the area was William Hogarth,  the 18th century artist,  commemorated by a statue near the green itself. One of his best known works, Beer Street and Gin Lane, celebrated ‘the virtues of beer’  while showing the perils of the foreign import gin. Given my own experiences with gin, I couldn’t agree more!  See them for yourself in more detail here

The Pub: The Tabard, 2 Bath Road, W4 1LW

Walking around Turnham Green, we were struck by just how many ice cream parlours there were dotted around the place.  The area itself is a fairly upmarket suburb of Chiswick, to all intents and purposes.

The Tabard is slightly north of the station, requiring you to head up Turnham Green Terrace and turn onto Bath Road.  The pub itself was built in 1880. There are two main rooms on either side of the bar with original tiling in certain sections.  The range of ales on offer was particularly impressive, they had to double up the beers on display on the individual taps to show all the ones available on draught – 10 on my count you can catch a couple in the gallery.  We went for a very pleasing ‘Golden Ale’.

You can tell you are heading out to leafier parts of London when the pub has a cricket team, as the Tabard does.  There is also a fair sized front garden.  Above the pub is The Tabard theatre, which plays host to a selection of comedy shows, including previews before the Edinburgh festival/  It seems Turnham Green is the area for this, as I’d seen another comedy show at a pub down the road a few months back.

On a Saturday night,  The Tabard had a lively atmosphere,  mixed between older locals and a younger clientèle.   All in all, well worth a visit if you’re in these parts.

Visit their website


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