Gunnersbury Station first opened on the Metropolitan District Railway on 1st June 1877 – the station initially opened on the London and South Western Railway as Brentford Road in 1869.

I’m afraid there isn’t really any historical features to note at Gunnersbury station. The platforms have a distinctly /60s feel to them and are shared between the District and London Overground services.  The station building is pretty non descript too, especially the entrance we used.  Then again, apparently we shouldn’t be surprised. The station was hit by a Tornado in the 1950s  which ripped the roof off..

I have got off at Gunnersbury once before. I was meeting my brother before seeing Brighton play Brentford back in 2007. It rained, we were terrible and lost 1-0.  A ‘highlight’ of the game was where our new signing Bas Savage tried to control the ball and ended up sliding into the mud…

The Pub: The Pilot,  56 Wellesley Road, W4 4BZ

Immediately leaving Gunnersbury Station, I felt like I was on an American suburban boulevard in the shape of the Chiswick High Road. It’s a wide, tree lined street with plenty of shiny ’80s era buildings – my pick of the bunch being the Chiswick Moran Hotel, as seen in the gallery.

Unless you want to enjoy the bouleveyard, the quickest route to the pub is down a short footpath that takes you to Wellesley Drive, where you will find The Pilot on a more traditional British feeling leafy suburban street.   It’s another pub with a bit of history, as its function room was the stables for the ‘Pilot Horse’,  which used to pull boats down the River Thames. The Horse motif is reflected on the pub roof, although they look a bit like chess pieces to me.

It’s got a decent sized interior with both a side section and a main bar.  They have a fairly large sized decked garden with equipment in position for barbecues and the like. There is some interesting artwork on the wall including one that says – ‘I like it. what is this?’   I liked the old Fullers Brewery sign at the back end of the garden, another nice historical touch. As a Fullers pub, you get their usual selection of good ales so no complaints on that front  either.

The Pilot is a charming suburban boozer.   If you find yourself in these parts, pop in for a pint of London Pride and enjoy the delights of their garden.

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