The Metropolitan District Railway arrived at Richmond Station on 1st June 1877, running services from its previous terminus at Hammersmith.  The station itself first opened in 1846 with mainline trains operating from Clapham Junction.

The Underground platforms at Richmond doesn’t  have a separate identity from the national rail station and are located at the far end of the station.  The main station building itself is an attractive art deco building, although looking back at my photo, it appears to be getting a little mossy at the top.

A bizarre curiosity on one of the stairwells to the platforms was a number of ’80s era British Rail posters.  Included in the gallery is one proudly proclaiming the opening of Winnersh Triangle Station in 1986 – I’ve never been there for fear it’s some sort of Berkshire version of the Bermuda triangle, only with more industrial estates and retail parks.

The Pub:  The White Cross, off Water Lane, Riverside, Richmond, TW9 1TH

This is my first trip south of the river so far, and what better place to start than Richmond. There are no shortage of pubs here. It’s almost like a small town in itself which has been incorporated into London as the city grew throughout the 19th and 20th century. Given the pleasant weather on the Saturday afternoon we visited, we decided to take a short walk down the main high street towards the river, via Water Lane, to reach the White Cross Pub.

The pub itself is in a prime location, facing onto the river with a large outside seating area.   The interior is smartly presented and benefits from the large windows facing out towards the river.  It’s a Young’s pub, who seem to be in the ascendancy in Richmond as we passed several en route there.

Given the lovely weather, we sat down on the pavement outside the pub as the main garden area was full.  It’s a great spot looking out onto the Thames as you’ll see from the photos below. This has been my first pub on the journey so far actually facing onto the Thames. When I was there,  I noticed a sign on the wall marking high and low tide.  Having looked at the pub’s website, apparently it is tricky to leave at high tide!

The White Cross is a top place to stop in for a pint, catch the sun and watch the world and the river go by..

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2 thoughts on “Richmond

  1. I visited the Cross a few times while working at Heathrow, great pub and yes very difficult to leave at high tide,so just sit and wait for it to go out again!

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