West Kensington

West Kensington tube station opened on 9th September 1874 on the Metropolitan District Railway as ‘Fulham – North End’, as part of the extension of the MDR to Hammersmith.  It gained its current name in 1877.

It felt like quite a small station when we dropped in, the station building itself was rebuilt in 1927 to a design by Charles Holden, who we came across earlier at St. James’s Park and will encounter again on many of the 1920s/30s era stations.

I’m afraid I don’t have too much to say about West Kensington. I couldn’t really find too much of note here!

The Pub: Famous 3 Kings, 153 North End Road, W14 9NL

Leaving the station,  we found ourselves on North End road, a short distance away from the busy A4.  Given this was the last stop on our trip that evening,   we went for the first pub by the station –  Famous 3 Kings.

It lists itself as a top place to watch sports, and there are certainly plenty of screens to catch the football, rugby and handball(so their website promises you..).   The pub itself is fairly spacious with both a downstairs and upstairs seating area.

Quite a few ‘sports venues’ don’t really do much on the ale front, but to give the F3K credit they had a decent selection, including Brains SA(the pride of Wales) and a ‘Black IPA’ called Conqueror.

Curiously enough, there was a Slovakian flag on the wall. I initially hoped we had stumbled on a Slovakian ex-pat pub but sadly the barmaid told me it was just because the owner was supporting the Slovakians in the Ice Hockey.  No sooner did she explain that than a group of happy Slovakian fans arrived.   In retrospect having looked up the scores from that night, it seemed they lost to Latvia but they still seemed rather chipper about things.

I didn’t mind this pub. I usually roll my eyes at ‘sport pubs’ because they are usually rather grim with rubbish beer.  This place seemed alright so if you do have a yearning to watch an obscure sport in the West Kensington area then you’ve found your spot!

Visit their website(note, this just appears to list all the sport they are showing!)


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