Temple Station opened as ‘The Temple’ on 30th May 1870 on the Metropolitan District Railway. Like Embankment before it, its construction coincided with that of the Victoria Embankment.  There are plenty of heritage features at both platform and station level.

The Station serves an area best known for the legal profession, with the ‘Inns of Court nearby.’   Somerset House, one of my favourite buildings in London, is also nearby. You are also very close to Waterloo Bridge which for my mind is the best in London in terms of the view you get of the City.  It’s ideally placed so you can see both West towards Parliament and Westminster and also East towards the City and Tower Bridge.

The Pub: The Temple Roof Cafe, Temple Place, WC2R 2PH

As Temple Station is pretty much right beside the Thames, there aren’t that many pubs in its immediate vicinity.  There are plenty of good ones are you head towards the Strand and Chancery Lane.  These would fall under the remit of other stations for the purposes of this blog.

The most obvious choice for a pint here is the Walkabout.   We were all prepared to enter only to find out it was closed for a private function but their roof terrace bar was open. I wasn’t even aware they had one!

As you can see from the photos, you get a great view up there. Temple is in a fine position perched halfway along the Victoria Embankment with London looking glorious, bathed in the May sunshine.  The beer selection was limited, only Heineken available on tap on our visit.  That said, this is a place you come to for the location rather than the beer.

Before we left, we noticed plenty of cameramen lurking about and a TV truck. Apparently the downstairs bar had been hired out for a TV special on Rugby.   Plenty of people in England Lions shirts were making their way up to the roof terrace as they left.

I’ll be honest, if you’re after fine cask ales, this isn’t for you. But if the sun is out and you want a beer in the sun, this is a great spot!

More information available on this website


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