West Brompton

West Brompton station opened on 12th April 1869 as part of the Metropolitan District Railway’s extension from Gloucester Road.  In 1880, the service was extended southbound to Putney Bridge.   The station has become busier in recent years as a result of the re-opening of a National Rail station here in 1999. This is now part of the London Overground network which whisks passengers up to the consumerist paradise that is the Westfield.

Looking south from West Brompton station, you can see a piece of tube history – Lots Road power station.   It was built in 1905 to provide the power for Metropolitan District Railway trains(now District Line) to switch from steam to electric operation.  The station closed in 2002 and remains today.   Various conversion schemes are doing the rounds but you wonder whether it will be a bit like a mini Battersea Power Station where projects come and go like the seasons.

Looking north from the station, you can see the impressive ‘Empress State Building’, which was built in 1961. The building is currently occupied by the Metropolitan Police but previously housed GCHQ, the Government agency which provides signal intelligence to both the armed forces and the Government.

The Pub: The Atlas, 16 Seagrave Road, SW6 1RX

Leaving West Brompton tube, you find yourself on the busy Old Brompton Road.   To reach The Atlas,  turn down Seagrave Road. The pub is a short distance away.

The exterior is decked out in vines and hanging baskets.  It has a clean, uncluttered interior with wood panelling.    It’s well covered on the ale front with staples such as Doombar and London Pride alongside slightly lesser seen favourites such as Tribute and Landlord.

It has a comprehensive food menu that leans towards the gastro end of things. That said, it still retains that traditional, authentic vibe.    It also has a very pleasant garden with more of the vines that cover the front of the pub. There are also a number of board games towards the back of the pub, if you fancy an impromptu game of Monopoly or Scrabble.

In short,  The Atlas was a great find. It was cosy and welcoming.   It’s another pub which makes me glad I’m writing this blog. It’s well worth a visit so check it out!

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