Sloane Square

Sloane Square station opened in 1868, as part of the Christmas Eve extension of the Metropolitan District Railway from South Kensington to Westminster. It is now served by the District and Circle Lines.

Back in the day,  I wouldn’t have had far to go for a pint here. Up until 1985(according to Andrew Martin’s excellent book – Underground, Overground), there was actually a bar on the platform at Sloane Square.  This is now a ‘Treats’ sweet shop, but as you can see from the gallery,  it would have been a very small bar.

Also of note is the fact a river, The Westbourne, travels over the platforms at the station. It is carried in a large grey pipe – as seen here.  Sadly these curiosities by the platforms is not matched by the station building at street level.  I found the station building to be dull and greying.

The Pub: The Antelope,  22 Eaton Terrace, SW1W 8EZ

Again, like  South Kensington before it,  Sloane Square is not an area known for pubs.  But we scoped one out, The Antelope,  a short distance down Eaton Terrace, off Eaton Gate.  The photo of the pub’s exterior tells the story of the local area, a porsche parked right outside,

As it was a sunny Friday night, it was hardly surprising the pub was rammed. We just about found ourselves a place to perch our drinks.  The place itself is decked out in a pleasing, traditional interior.  The glasswork and the curtains, which to me seemed quite Theatre-esque, both contributed well to the overall atmosphere. As a Fullers pub, it has their standard selection of ales.

The only downside was that you couldn’t take your drink outside, I assume due to residents objections.  As a result the place was rammed and very warm!   There is also an upstairs dining room but given how busy the place was, I didn’t venture up for fear of losing my bit of wall space.   A good pub find for sure, but you’d have to be a braver man than I to head there on a Friday evening.

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