Latimer Road

Latimer Road is the first station on the trail where I’ve had no idea what to expect when I got off.  This station opened on 16th December 1868. In addition to the Hammersmith and City/Circle line services, there was until 1940 a link from here to Kensington Olympia – at that time called Addison Road.  This is shown in this tube map from 1938.

At platform level, the station resembles the structures already seen at Westbourne Park. Sadly no sight of Boris Gardiner here…

Admittedly we arrived at night but there didn’t seem to be too much of note immediately by the station.  There were some rather weathered looking (probably ex-) local authority housing.

The station’s Wikipedia page makes it all sound much more exciting, with supposed discoveries during the recent refurbishment of the station of a bath, gun parts and a vat of acid! Sadly this has no citation so unless I hear otherwise, I’ll assume it isn’t true..

The Pub: The Garden Bar and Grill, 41 Bramley Road, W10 6SZ

The immediate pub fare by the station wasn’t inspiring. In one of the said weathered buildings was the ‘Pig and Whistle’,  that didn’t look very welcoming.  The Garden is right opposite the station. In fact the same Wikipedia article previously referred to, there was apparently a staircase from here to the westbound platform also discovered during the refurbishment works.

The Garden clearly sees itself as an upmarket venue, on its website it lists itself as being in ‘Notting Hill’, as opposed to Latimer Road.  It certainly has the most curious interior of any of the pubs I’ve visited so far.  We all agreed they had gone for the garden feeling indoors,  complete with potted plants and garden statues.   It all felt a bit 2000, which may have been why it reminded us of the club from Eastenders at that time, especially with the lounge muzak echoing around the place.

On the plus side, it has decent ales in the shape of Sambrook’s Junction and the ever-reliable Wandle.   It also has a rather large garden, unsurprisingly given the name. To be fair, that is probably it’s main selling point and that’s what the positive reviews on their website focus on.    It technically calls itself the ‘Garden Bar and Grill’, and it was certainly going for that (outdoor!) grill vibe.

Certainly an interesting find, don’t get me wrong.   Whether I’ll ever come back is another matter..

Visit their website



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