Gloucester Road

Gloucester Road began life on 1st October 1868 as Brompton(Gloucester Road), at that point it was the terminus of the Metropolitan Railway. The deep level tube arrived in 1906 with the Great Northern, Piccadilly and Brompton Railway – thankfully these days simply known as the Piccadilly Line!

The station is currently served by the District, Circle and Piccadilly Lines, with two separate station buildings for the sub surface and deep level lines – the sub surface line building is featured in the gallery.

One of the most eye catching features of Gloucester Road is the artwork on an abandoned circle line platform.  This is regularly rotated by TfL.  The current design, as seen in the gallery, is by Sarah Morris,  more details on her concept here.   My favourite was ‘Life is a Laugh’, by Brian Griffiths from 2007 –  an uplifting message for us all you’ll agree!

Pub: The Hereford Arms, 127 Gloucester Road, SW7 4TE

The Hereford Arms is just a few minutes walk down Gloucester Road, another street teeming with tourists and international visitors.  Like many of my West London visits so far, the area around the station is fairly well-heeled and we passed some nice little mews and squares en route to the pub.

The pub itself is a solid Fullers pub.  Inside you do get an element of the country pub ambience, with exposed brickwork, low ceiling and a traditional bar.  While being fairly spacious, the pub was rammed with the Friday night crowd but seats were available for the eagle eyed, which included us! I would imagine you would be far more likely to get a seat during the week.

For a Fullers pub, you have the usual standard ales – London Pride, Seafarers, etc.  The pub also had a decent menu. I was only after a snack so went for Cheesy Chips, but on that front they didn’t disappoint either. One of our travelling party went for a ‘black pudding scotch egg’ , as someone who can’t stand black pudding it didn’t appeal to me but he certainly enjoyed his.

I enjoyed our visit to The Hereford Arms. In an area more associated with generic tourist pubs, it had the right mix of traditional authentic pub vibe combined with a lively atmosphere.  Definitely worth returning to for a pint in future.

Visit their website


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