Westbourne Park

Westbourne Park opened in February 1866 on the extension of the Metropolitan Railway to Hammersmith.  The station was resited in 1871. It is now served by the Hammersmith and City Line, and since December 2009, the extend Circle(or should that be Spiral) Line.

It is a very peaceful,  almost sleepy station.  In many ways, it feels like a rural railway station, especially with the canopies and decorative valances at platform level. The tranquility is however often shattered by high speed trains rushing past on the Great Western mainline which runs adjacent to this station.

The station, like all on the Hammersmith and City Line westbound from Paddington, has no next train indicators on the platform, which further adds to that sleepy feel.

A very sunny Westbourne Park played a leading role in the video for reggae artist Boris Gardner’s 1986 No1 hit, ‘I Want to Wake Up with You.‘  As you’ll see, Boris pays a visit to the station, looking over to the other platform where the woman he wishes to wake up with is waiting for her train.  In a shirt as spellbinding as his, I doubt he had much to be worried about.

The Pub:The Union Tavern, 45 Woodfield Road  London W9 2BA

Upon leaving the station, we really didn’t go what direction to head, with the Westway looming above us. On first glance, there didn’t seem to be any pubs jumping out at us.  I spotted a light in the distance so we headed North,  passing the Union Canal to stumble on the Grand Union pub.

It proved to be an excellent find.  Inside the pub was warm, friendly and inviting.  As a craft pub, there was a wide range of ales on tap, these are rotated regularly.  The quiz was also in full swing, a very original one at that which included a juice testing round.  The food also looked great from what the tables by us were having.

The pub is set on two levels, with a comfy downstairs room where we found a seat. The room backs out onto the canal with some outdoor seating.   We were all really taken with this pub,  I would strongly recommend making the trip over here.  A quality pub with plenty going for it.   Precisely the kind of place I was hoping to find when I started this blog.  I’ll definitely be heading back.

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