Shepherd’s Bush Market

Shepherd’s Bush Market first opened as Shepherds Bush (no comma) on 13th July 1864. It was resited on 1st April 1914, gaining a comma in its name in the process.

For added confusion, from 1900 there was also a Shepherd’s Bush station on what became the Central Line. This state of affairs remained until the Shepherd’s Bush Overground station opened in 2008 and it was decided having three stations with the same name in the same area would be too confusing even by London standards. It was rechristened Shepherd’s Bush Market on 12th October 2008.

The station itself is a fairly standard design, similar to others on this stretch of the Hammersmith and City Line. The big development in the area has been the Westfield shopping centre, which looms large in the background and spurred on the transport developments that saw this station renamed.

The Pub: The White Horse, 31 Uxbridge Road, Shepherds Bush, W12 8LH

Up to this point on my journey, all the pubs I had visited had all been relatively modern and either gastro or tourist focused. Nothing wrong with that in the slightest but I was starting to wonder what had happened to traditional old school boozers. At Shepherds Bush Market, I found one.

We decided to go in on the basis of the building’s exterior, a curious arch type construction – as you can see below. As we entered, we could quickly tell this was a local’s pub. The regulars were watching At The Races on the TV and excluding bar staff, there wasn’t a single woman in the pub.

The pub had a snooker table, certainly a dying breed these days as more and more places have them taken out to get more seats in. Given our proximity to Loftus Road, there was a fair share of QPR memorabilia dotted around the walls. There was also a jukebox but we decided against using it.

While in a way it was nice to have a contrast from the sleek venues I’ve visited so far on the journey, I certainly won’t be heading back here. You can visit their website but it just appears to be a generic site put together by,  it isn’t even a photo of the right pub on the main page!


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