Hammersmith(Circle/Hammersmith and City Line)

This part of my trip will soon feel like Groundhog Day. Like Edgware Road, there are two stations at Hammersmith.

The station for the Hammersmith and City/Circle Lines is the earlier of the two. It first opened in June 1864 as the terminus for the Metropolitan railway’s extension from Paddington. It was resited to its present location in 1868.

Unlike the later station on the District and Piccadilly lines which now finds itself within a 1990s shopping mall development, this station retains many heritage features, as shown within the gallery. This is a nice contrast for the busy roundabout you are plonked right beside as you leave the station.

The Pub: The Hop Poles, 17-19 King Street, Hammersmith, W6 9HR

Hammersmith itself always reminds me of the TV sitcom Bottom, as that’s where Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson lived. Having got our bearings at a roundabout I always get lost at, and avoided bumping into Richie or Eddie, we popped into the Hop Poles on King Street.

Back in the day, this pub was frequented by Ian Dury(of Blockheads fame) but these days it is kitted out as a smart gastropub and I couldn’t see any rhythm sticks in sight. It was fairly busy, not surprising given it was a Thursday night and it took quick thinking and even quicker reflexes to finally grab a seat. The pub had some nice little touches, not least a clock by the bar indicating when the last tube for the night is! There is also an upstairs room but it was well and truly locked when we were there.

Where this pub’s appeal really kicks in is with its roof terrace. We ventured up to have a look, braving the cold. It’s a decent sized area which am sure will be a great spot for a pint when we finally emerge from the current ice age. The pub also has a quiz machine, which now sadly seem to be vanishing at alarming rate, so that’s another plus in its favour. There is also an outdoor garden area on the ground floor but I only had eyes for the roof terrace.

Next time I’m seeing a gig at the Hammersmith Apollo, I’ll definitely pop here for a drink afterwards.

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