The start of a journey…

This year has marked the 150th anniversary of the first section of the London Underground opening, way back in January 1863. Many official celebrations have already taken place and the 150th Anniversary Logo now proudly adorns all the TfL maps across the network.

The anniversary got me thinking of my own way to mark the occasion. To me, the Underground is as synonymous with London as the city’s thousands of pubs. And that’s when it hit me, why not combine the two?

My plan to mark the anniversary will be to visit a pub for every tube station in London – in order of the date they first opened to passengers.

My journey is going to start at Paddington, where the first train departed for Farringdon back in 1863. It will end in Wood Lane, which opened in 2008, with 268 stops in between. It will take me from the many pubs of Inner London right out to the edges of suburbia in Essex, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire. I will provide reviews for all the pubs, alongside some local history, trivia and the various sights I see along the way.

I moved to London in 2006 and quickly gained an appreciation for the incredible variety of pubs the city has to offer. I’ve always thought the magic of London has been if you become bored of the pubs in a certain area, there is no shortage of new locations you can try.

I hope you enjoy joining me on this London Odyssey, whenever it may end!


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